Saturday, February 19, 2011

Old friends (Dave Cox and Peggy Carter)

I'm almost two years behind the rest of the world on Captain America, because I buy them on my iPad, but Marvel just released a new batch, so I got to read issue #49 from 2009. Yay, pacifist veteran Dave Cox is back. It's nice having a writer who knows and appreciates Cap's history. Pre-Brubaker we had a couple of years of writers who seemed pretty unfamiliar with the character.

And we got to see Peggy Carter too! Of course her history here is completely different than the history given for her in the 1970s, but since her first meeting with Cap now happened over 50 years ago, changes were required. She's now Sharon's Aunt, not her sister, and she's in a nursing home. Brubaker ditched the part about Peggy being in the crazy house until she met up with Cap again. Soon she'll become Sharon's great aunt, I imagine (or they'll kill her off and stop referring to her at all).

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