Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another Interregnum (Captain America 256-260)

After the short lived Stern-Byrne run, Captain America returned to rushed fill-in stories, all by differing creative teams. The next five issues were written by Bill Mantlo, Mike Barr, Chris Claremont and David Michelinie, Jim Shooter and Michelinie, and finally Al Milgrom. Most memorable was issue #257 guest-starring the Hulk, which was as bad an issue of the comic as was ever published. These are the kinds of comics that kept me from regularly buying the series despite liking the character.

But there were hints of better days ahead. Issues 258 and 259 were drawn by Mike Zeck, who would soon be teaming with writer J. M. DeMatteis to get the series back on track.

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