Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First Issue of Captain America I Ever Bought (Captain America 179)

This is the very first issue of Captain America I ever bought, in the fall of 1974. And Cap's not even in it. Not the real Cap. Steve Rogers gave up being Captain America a few issues earlier, after watching Richard Nixon blow his brains out.

Cap eventually resumed his superhero career, with a new costume and a new name- Nomad! I loved this storyline. Two things in particular were burned into my brain.

First, there was the scene where Cap walks into a shoe store in Virginia, and buys the yellow boots for his new superhero costume. I thought it was really cool that some shoe stores apparently sold superhero boots. Sadly, in the 35 years since I read that comic, I have yet to find an actual shoe store that sells superhero boots. Which is a shame, because I've got a great pair of tights just waiting for the day I make it to the San Diego Comic-Con.

Second, there's the scene where Steve discovers why Captain America wasn't given a cape:

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