Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Funeral for Captain America (Vol 3, #50)

Every once in a while, the gang would get together and throw a funeral for Steve Rogers, aka Captain America.

Captain America #113 was one of the most fondly remembered instances of this, since it was illustrated by Jim Steranko. Cap threw an inflatable rubber doll he just happened to have (cough) off a roof in his clothes, let it get shot by bad guys, and let everybody assume he was dead when the shot-up non-bloody clothes washed up on shore. There was a very touching funeral, but Cap resurfaced immediately thereafter to fight the hordes of Hydra.

One of Cap's strangest funerals was in the final issue of Captain America Volume 3. In order to give the series a little closure before a more realistic incarnation of the comic was launched with volume 4, the final issue ended with Cap's seeming death in an explosion. National news covered Cap's death, the President gave a speech, and again there was a big funeral.

Of course, only a fool would believe Captain America dead when neither his body nor his shield were found:

So why was Cap immediately declared dead without a shred of evidence? Beats me.

Shortly after this issue was published, Cap began appearing in other comics, without any explanation whatsover. As far as I know, this issue was never referenced ever again. I guess he just showed up and said he was fine, everybody shrugged their shoulders, and that was that.


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